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Digital Photography

What is Smart Image Denoiser?

Smart Image Denoiser (SID) is a tool for digital image noise reduction and cancelling. The program can be used to remove noise that is produced by digital cameras, scanners and other devices. The program will especially be useful for cancelling both low and high ISO noise on digital photos. The current version is 13.11.

Key features

  • simple and intuitive user interface,

  • fast and high quality noise reduction methods,

  • NVIDIA and ATI GPU acceleration using OpenCL,

  • capturing images directly from external devices (e. g. USB cameras, scanners etc.),

  • fully automatic noise profile estimation,

  • easy and advanced mode,

  • support for multiple file formats,

  • meta-data support,

  • stack filter for noise cancellation based on multiple consecutive images,

  • iterative filter for "salt and pepper" noise,

  • smart averaging filter for high frequency noise,

  • direct image capture from digital cameras, video cards, etc.,

  • batch processing,

  • filter output preview,

  • original image preview,

  • brightness, gamma, contrast, hue, saturation filters,

  • low price

What image noise reduction method is used in the application?

For removing noise on photos, the application uses a specially designed algorithm based on wavelet transform. The method makes it possible to achieve high noise reduction levels while persevering image details and edges.

System requirements

The latest version can run on Windows 98, XP,Vista, Windows 7, 8, Linux and Mac OS. There are no other special requirements. Mac OS version is written in Java so it can be run in other systems (e. g. PC BSD etc.) with JRE installed.

Where to download Smart Image Denoiser?

Click "download" link on the menu to the left.


A simple installer is provided for easy installation on Windows. Linux and Mac OS versions do not need installation. Please read readme.txt file prior using the program.

Is registration required?

Without purchasing the activation code, the program will add a watermark to filtered images. After entering the activation code, the watermark will be removed.

How to purchase the activation code?

Go to buy online. Paypal, Mstercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and UK Maestro cards are supported. The price is 10 EUR.

Future development

We encourage all users to submit their feedback. All comments, features requests and bug reports are welcome.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by sending an email to the address at the bottom of the page.



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